About Ice Cube Token

Ice Cube is a meme token focus on holder’s long term investment value and our future on this planet. Unlike other meme token, like Doge without a hard cap, $iCube has a hard cap at 2.1 Trillion supply. Half of the supply, 1.05 Trillion, will be available for distribution in the first year. The other half will be frozen into an ice cube. The ice cube melts once a year, with volume no greater than 2% of total supply. The melted flow will be donated to environmental protection organizations and/or invested in sustainable energy developments.

Community ownership is our goal. Token owners decide how to distribute the melted flow each year. Owners of 10 Billion tokens or more can nominate organizations/companies to receive donation/investment. After screened by advisory committee, the final distribution amount will be decided by community voting. The melting event each year also serves as a continuous boast to community investment value.

Community owned token with a duty to fulfill

Meme token with hard cap for long term investment

New melting event each year to protect our planet and boast holder’s investment value

Your right to nominate and vote will make a difference for our common future

Why $iCube?

Meme token is a trend and will probably become more popular. The problem is that, most meme tokens lack a purpose and long term value. $iCube is designated to be a meme taken with long term goal and aim for long term investment values.

Invest for your and our future

Invest in $iCube is not only an investment for your own; it’s also an investment for our common future. The melted token each year will be used to improve our common future: a more healthy earth. We also believe our effort will come back and increase token value.

True “green” token

Unlike BTC, DOGE and other tokens, which consume tremendous amount of electricity to mine, the melt event for iCube does not consume any additional power. On the contrary, it will bring new fund each year for environmental protection. We are environment friendly, true “green” token.


Our roadmap is set for the best interest of community investments and our common interests in environmental protection and sustainable energy

Q3 2021

Ice Cube Platform Development.

Q4 2021

Taken implementation and release preparation

Q1 2022

Token pre-sale start and market development

Q2 2022

Partnership development with sustainable energy companies and environmental protection organizations

Q3 2022

Community nomination and vote for melted fund allocation. First Melt event

Q4 2022

iCube store setup with iCube as payment method and more to come

Q1 2023

ICO and reach >95% community ownership


See frequently questioned answers on the right. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via our contact form.

Ice Cube is meme token focus on long term investment values for token holders. It has market cap at 2.1 Trillion tokens, with 1.05 Trillion tokens frozen in a ice cube. The ice cube melts once a year to inject new blood to holder community. The melted tokens will be used to help improve our living environment. Token owner community has the right to decide how will the melted taken be distributed.

Doge is a great token, a pioneer meme token we respect. We do have our advantages over Doge like hard market cap, owner rights, and a community duty to fulfill; however Doge has its reason to exist and prosper. To kill or replace Doge is not our goal; our goal is to be iCube.

Each year June 20, the ice cube will melt. From March 01 to June 01, token owners with asset greater than 10 Billion tokens can contact us to nominate organizations/companies to accept donation or investment. One owner can only nominate one organization/company. Account balance for nomination will be verified at June 01. On June 21, the community will vote for token allocation to different organizations/companies. Each token owner can vote with amount of token owned as voting power. Voting results will be published by July 20. * Ice Cube management team reserves all rights for final explanation.

If you have w3 wallet, you can buy from front page in presale section. Otherwise you can use contact-us-form for purchasing request. $iCube is also available on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x05BC8eb2fF284989c720Cb5E468eA8c51D70fB2a&use=V2

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